Remarketing with Twinner®

Vehicle remarketing made easy Boost online car sales

Unprecedented access to vehicle data

We bring new and used cars online in record time. Our Twinner® Space digitizes a vehicle in less than 5 minutes. Professional pictures, 360° widget, and automatically processed vehicle data merge into the Digital Twinn®. This digital copy of the vehicle offers an unprecedented depth of information and boosts your sales at shops or car shows.

Sell vehicles faster with Twinner®

Accelerated online trade

  • Digitally accelerated purchase and sales processes reduce downtime
  • Distribution around the clock, as the vehicles are available online 24/7
  • Contact-free online shopping corresponds to digital consumer behavior
  • Faster, more thorough and efficient vehicle return and evaluation
  • Reduced processing time per vehicle and reduced workload in sales and service
Advantages of the Digital Twinn

More than a photo box

  • High-resolution images from outside, inside and below – individually and in 360 degrees
  • Complete, FIN-based data set
  • Objective status report of the vehicle
  • Finds and marks equipment features and damages
  • Data export to stores, platforms and third-party systems without manual data entry

Twinner® Space

High resolution pictures

Perfectly staged from all sides

Twinner® Space

Interior panorama

Testing becomes unnecessary

Twinner® Space

Underbody scanner

You have never seen the underbody like this before

Twinner® Space

Tire tread depth scanner

Tire condition at a glance

Twinner® Cloud

Marking of vehicle characteristics Soon

Preparing sales arguments visually

Twinner® Cloud

Flexibly configurable image sets

Our images, your dramaturgy

Twinner® Cloud

Complete FIN based vehicle data set

Because only genuine vehicle data creates trust

Twinner® Cloud

360° degree widget

Virtual showroom revolutionizes vehicle presentation

Discover the possibilities of digital vehicle marketing with Twinner®