Underbody scanner at the entrance to the Twinner® Space (Photo: Matthias Baumbach)

Underbody scanner Beta No platform? No problem!

Check the underbody conveniently on the screen

Whether rain, snow and road salt, stones, potholes or curbs: the underbody of a vehicle is exposed to many influences. Our Twinner® Space makes leaks, corrosion spots and even small scratches or abrasions visible. With electric cars, the battery, which is usually installed in the underbody, can be examined in detail.

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Underbody scan in the Twinner® Space

Checking the underbody within 5 seconds

While driving into the Twinner® Space, our underbody scanner creates a scaled 2D panoramic image of the underbody – from 5,000 line-by-line individual images that are captured in just 5 seconds.

Example underbody scan, Twinner® Cloud

Closer than close

On the perfectly illuminated, high-resolution panoramic image, the condition of the underbody can be objectively assessed. Zoom in on conspicuous areas or parts in the 360-degree widget to examine them more closely. With one click, damages are marked and highlighted.