Tire tread scanner in Twinner® Space (Photo: Matthias Baumbach)

Tire tread depth measurement by laser Take a closer look at the profile

The more control the better

The better the tread pattern, the safer the driving experience. That is why we check the profile depth by laser during each scan while entering the Twinner® Space.

Tire profile scanner in Twinner® Space in detail

3,000 readings per tire

Our tire tread depth scanner is installed as a drive-over solution. It projects laser lines onto the tread of the tire and determines 1,500 tread depth measuring points on each of these.

Per tire we get 3,000 measured values, which converge in the Digital Twinn®.

From good to critical

An automatically generated tire graphic visualises the values of all four tyres. So you and your customers can see the condition of the tires at first glance.

Graphic of tire tread depth, Twinner® Cloud