Sensor surface analysis in Twinner® Space

Multidimensional surface analysis Beta Whatever the vehicle experienced:
We'll find out

The invisible becomes visible

Practically nothing escapes our sensors: In surface analysis, we take pictures of the vehicle in different wavelengths and under special lighting conditions. This makes repaints, replaced parts and scratches visible. Even earlier foliations can be verified in the Twinner® Space. Essential for expert opinions and sales!

Analysis of repainting, normal light, in Twinner® SpaceAnalysis of repainting in Twinner® Space

Recognize repaints

We analyse the reflection properties of the vehicle surface. Not only for visible light, but also in the spectral ranges invisible to the human eye. With this we indicate new and repaints.

Exchanged vehicle parts, normal light, Twinner® SpaceExchanged vehicle parts, Twinner® Space

Detecting exchanged vehicle parts

An accident is not always responsible for the replacement of complete vehicle parts. To ensure that no renewed part remains hidden, we make differences in the composition and age of the paint visible.

Analysis vehicle scratches, normal light, in Twinner® SpaceAnalysis of scratches in Twinner® Space

Find scratches

Whether scratches or signs of use: The Twinner® Space has specially developed lenses and light sources that detect even the slightest changes to the surface.

Analysis of vehicle foiling, normal light, in Twinner® SpaceAnalysis of vehicle foiling in the Twinner® Space

Foilings leave traces

Every foil, no matter how carefully removed, leaves traces. Our sensors find them and help to bring the history of used cars to light.