High-resolution cameras in Twinner® Space (Photo: Matthias Baumbach)

High resolution cameras Photography in perfection

Razor sharp images

From over 250 possible perspectives, we produce vehicle images in 15-degree increments that overcome today’s expectations of catalog photos: ultra-high resolution, always consistent and optimally illuminated. Our Twinner® Space takes less than 5 minutes. And is ready for a photo shoot around the clock.

Vehicle from top-level perspectiveVehicle from top-level perspective with open doors

The whole picture

Our top-level camera captures the entire vehicle from a height of 2.70 m with a diagonal viewing angle. For a comprehensive overall impression and free view of the roof. Perfect for large vehicles and vans.

Vehicle from eye-level perspective with open doorsVehicle from eye-level perspective

Meeting at eye level

The consumer’s viewing habits are taken into account by our eye-level camera. Mounted at eye level, it delivers flawless image material in very high resolution.

Vehicle from floor level perspective

New perspective

Our floor-level camera (coming soon) focuses the lower parts of the vehicle from a height of 0.25 m. For maximum transparency and a sporty look.