Twinner® Space as calibrated measurement environment (Photo: Matthias Baumbach)

Fully calibrated measurement environment Calibrated technology for standardized measurements

Be the most accurate

Every Twinner® Space is calibrated by us during installation and every maintenance. That provides reliable and comparable measurement results from which the Digital Twinn® is generated.

3D coordinate system in Twinner® Space (Photo: Matthias Baumbach)

The measurement of the vehicle world

Various camera systems and sensors recognize the vehicle from several points of view in a common 3D coordinate system. 3D measurements, e.g. length measurements of the vehicle or of damages, are possible directly on the image recordings.

Light theatre in the Twinner® Space (Photo: Matthias Baumbach)

Let there be light

More than 100,000 high-power LEDs (approx. 800 m LED strips) have been installed in the Twinner® Space to form an impressive light theatre and can be controlled fully automatically and individually. They create homogeneous daylight for highly professional beauty shots and enable accurate vehicle inspection.

Entry assistant in the Twinner® Space (Photo: Matthias Baumbach)

Even further

Our digital entry assistant not only measures the vehicle when entering the Twinner® Space, but navigates the driver to the exact position via an optical signal. This is important for the sensory analysis. Furthermore, for perfect and always consistent marketing photos.

The brightness of the light in the Twinner® Space is more than 25,000 LUX (1,825,000 lumens). This corresponds to about 20 % of direct solar radiation.