Twinner® Space - Hardware for the digitization of vehicles (Photo: Matthias Baumbach)

Twinner® Space The most advanced scanning device on the market

A carscanner that doesn’t just take pictures

The future of the car trade begins in Twinner® Space. Whether new or used car, SUV or station wagon: Our hardware scans all models and brands within less than 5 minutes. Each vehicle is digitally recorded with high-resolution cameras and complex sensor technology in a common 3D coordinate system.

Advantages of the Digital Twinn ®

A scan produces highly professional 360° images of the outside and inside. In addition, images and scans of the underbody, tires and the vehicle surface. Together with all the technical data of the vehicle, a digital data record is created, which is then merged in the Twinner® Cloud to form a Digital Twinn®.

“Single Door” or “Drive Through”

We offer the Twinner® Space in two versions: Working with the “Single Door” version, the vehicle drives through the entrance onto the turntable and is automatically positioned after digitalization so that it leaves the Twinner® Space through the same door. For customers with a high volume of vehicles, we have developed the Twinner® Space as a “Drive Through” – with separate entrance and exit.

All features Twinner® Space

QR and barcode scanner

Automatically identify vehicles and work steps

Fully calibrated measurement environment

Precise measurement results that can be used for further work

High resolution pictures

Perfectly staged from all sides

Interior panorama

Testing becomes unnecessary

Tire tread depth scanner Beta

Tire condition at a glance

Underbody scanner Beta

You have never seen the underbody like this before

Multidimensional surface analysis Beta

Makes even the smallest changes visible

Repaint Sensor Beta

Find repainting reliably