Flexibly configurable image sets in the Twinner® Cloud

Configurable image sets We deliver the photos, you have the choice

Selling made easy

Depending on the manufacturer, model or marketing platform you need different image sets. More than 250 different image perspectives are available for this purpose. In addition to the number of images, you can also specify the format, resolution and individual backgrounds.

Advantages of the Digital Twinn

Consistency looks professional

For each vehicle, the Twinner® Space delivers the desired images – fully automatically and, depending on the configuration, from more than 250 possible perspectives. You will receive standardized images in consistent quality and do not have to redo them. This looks professional, serious to the customer and promotes trust.

Individual backgrounds, original image in the Twinner® CloudCustom backgrounds with Twinner® Cloud

Individual design backgrounds

(coming soon) Whether in a futuristic architectural backdrop or a classic showroom: every scanned vehicle is automatically cropped and mounted in the desired backgrounds. Realistic and deceptively real. This gives your vehicles an unmistakable setting that will be memorized.

Smart zoom, original recordings, with Twinner® CloudSmart Zoom with Twinner® Cloud

High resolution zooms

To ensure that you always get the same image details, we rely on Smart Zoom: Using automatic object recognition, we create razor-sharp close-ups of vehicle details. Outside and inside.

Smart crop, original image, with Twinner® CloudSmart crop, result, with Twinner® Cloud

Perfect cut

We use Smart Crop for always the same image sections. Unlike the Smart Zoom, this is about the correct cropping of the image. Since we can exactely see the vehicle, automatic cutting rules take effect and “free” the object from too much background.

Marketing Images with Twinner® Cloud

Integrate your own graphics

Extend picture series with your own graphics and designs – possible at any time! In this way, marketing-relevant information such as guarantee conditions or financing offers can be integrated in addition. And push the marketing additionally.