Vehicle digitization in the Twinner® Space (Photo: Matthias Baumbach)

FIN-based vehicle data Identify vehicle and equipment

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Every vehicle has a vehicle identification number (VIN), formerly known as the chassis number, by which it can be identified beyond doubt. The FIN codes the manufacturer, model, series, engine and vehicle type. We call up the vehicle data from more than 32,000 possible features. The result is the complete and perfectly prepared documentation of the vehicle that has been twinned.

Digtial Twinn® in the Twinner® Cloud

Hey Data Twin

Each vehicle data record – the Digital Twinn® – is automatically supplemented with FIN-based vehicle information from external databases. We use semantically standardized catalogs to bundle the technical data and equipment details of the vehicle with all of the images, scans and reports we capture.

Digtial Twinn® in the Twinner® Cloud

Using databases

The data import is currently carried out by DAT Deutsche Automobil Treuhand GmbH. Other data service providers such as Schwacke GmbH, Audatex AUTOonline GmbH or JATO can be used as an alternative. Queries via the manufacturer or own vehicle databases are also possible.