Automatic marking of damages in the Twinner® Cloud

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Automatic marking of damages
Artificial intelligence detects accidents and damage

The machine thinks ahead

We rely on adaptive systems and deep learning to independently classify measurement results and data. Also to damage. In this way anomalies can be identified as quickly as possible.

Automatic marking of damages in the Twinner® Cloud

Faster than human

After the vehicle scan in Twinner® Space, high-resolution images of all individual parts and components are available. These can be added to the best AI solutions to automatically detect scratches, dents, glass damage, broken or missing parts on the vehicle exterior.

Detect and classify damage in the Twinner® cloud

Automated decision making

The software automates and accelerates work processes: Detected damages are marked in the 360-degree widget. Inspectors can get an overview of affected vehicle components, type of damage and damage size, making decisions easier and faster.

Review damage in the Twinner® cloud and determine repair costs

Calculate repair costs

Our system summarises any damage identified in a structured manner. The data can be accessed at any time via our Twinner® Cloud and can of course also be exported to third-party systems, e.g. as a basis for the automatic calculation of repair costs.

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