Vehicle digitization via QR code in Twinner® Space (Photo: Matthias Baumbach)

Data consolidation and data transfer Automatic data transfer saves time and prevents errors

Manual data entry is completely outdated

Within 5 minutes we generate a data set from each car in unprecedented quality. This can immediately be used for other systems and (vehicle marketing) platforms.

Dashboard Twinner® Cloud

Automatic data consolidation

All the data entered and processed in Twinner® Space, Twinner® Check and Twinner® Cloud is structured and consolidated fully automatically and then merged into a vehicle data record. All results can then be transferred to your own or third-party systems and platforms.

Twinner® Cloud Export Log

Push, pull – or both

We offer several types of data transmission via various interfaces: An export API serves as a passive interface, which allows external systems to perform their own queries (pull). Furthermore, data can also be actively transmitted via time- or event-controlled push notifications (push). A combination of push and targeted queries is possible at any time.

Portfolio Twinner® Cloud

Selling at a click

All vehicle data stored in the Twinner® cloud are of course compatible for integration into leading marketing platforms. Individual export profiles determine which images, technical data or equipment details are exported and transferred fully automatically to your sales channels.