Remarketing with Twinner® Widget

360° widget New era of vehicle presentation

Virtual tour around and through the car

Whether it’s a review or resale: Our 360° widget makes vehicles a digital experience. Intuitive and down to the smallest detail. You can easily navigate to special features or vehicle damage. Our high-end showroom can be branded, embedded in systems and easily shared.

Panoramic view in the Twinner® Widget

Fulminant panoramic view

Our system offers a high-resolution 360° view of the scanned vehicle. Whether from the outside with open or closed doors, from inside or from below: The many possible perspectives provide a view of all the essentials and every detail, no matter how small.

Highlight special features

Highlights in the equipment, damage and relevant information about the vehicle can be marked quickly and with the help of text suggestions. Our system automatically points out features of the equipment – based on FIN data and Body Part Identification (BPI).

Highlighting features in the Twinner® Widget
Create your own clippings in the Twinner® Widget

Create your own crops

Of course you can also bring your photographic talent to bear. In the 360° widget you move digitally around the vehicle. The trigger is the mouse: With two clicks, you can display sections – e.g. of damage for expert opinions or sales promotion details for marketing – from different perspectives or zoom levels and add them to the data set.

Click to interact with the Digital Twinn®
Corporate Branding in the Twinner® Widget

Individual branding

We want your brand to be remembered. Therefore you can integrate elements of your corporate design. Your own logo makes the 360° representation of a vehicle yours in no time at all. Fonts, colors and icons can (soon) be customized as well.

Integrate Twinner® Widget into third-party systems

Integration with third party systems

The 360° widget is delivered over a low-latency CDN and can be easily integrated into your own or third-party systems and platforms.

Sharing the Twinner® 360 degree widget

Share quickly

You can share our 360° view with your customers and partners conveniently by e-mail. Or via chat, SMS, WhatsApp and other channels. Simply by sending a link to the widget.