Automated processing of digital vehicle data and assets in the Twinner® cloud

Twinner® Cloud Merge, consolidate and further process vehicle data

Beam it up

In data usage today, we can do what is common practice in the Star Trek universe: beam. We transform all images and scans generated in Twinner® Space into a comprehensive data set and make it immediately available for sale, inspection and appraisal.

The Digital Twinn® shows all relevant features, interior, underbody, tire profile, scratches, repairs and signs of use. Enriched by vehicle master data from external databases, we make vehicle evaluation on the screen possible – for everyone.

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Anytime and everywhere

Through the Twinner® Cloud, you, your customers or partners can access your digital vehicle pool anytime and anywhere – and edit, add, import and export data.

All features Twinner® Cloud

Complete FIN based vehicle data set

Because only genuine vehicle data creates trust

Flexibly configurable image sets Beta

Our images, your dramaturgy

Marking of vehicle characteristics Soon

Preparing sales arguments visually

360° degree widget

Virtual showroom revolutionizes vehicle presentation

Marking of damages Soon

Display vehicle damages automatically

Automatic damage report

Damages clearly summarized

Data consolidation and transmission

Automatically consolidate, merge and export data