Standardized vehicle inspection with Twinner® Check (Photo: Matthias Baumbach)

Twinner® Check Guided vehicle inspection through personalised checklists

One app for everything

The Twinner® Check App replaces the clipboard and the camera Wherever vehicles are inspected, assessed, evaluated and sold, the app ensures complete, documented and standardized results. Developed as a mobile application for all common tablets, inspectors use it to process individually configured checklists. Seller create professional vehicle pictures.

Checklists with Twinner® Check

One step at a time

The digital checklists created according to manufacturer or in-house specifications guide every form of vehicle inspection. Comprehensible and step by step. Even the smallest damage can be recorded using our inspection catalog with over 40,000 possible damage combinations.

Add photos with Twinner® Check

No photo equipment needed

With our app, the Twinner® Space image gallery can be expanded to include additional photos of vehicle details, accessories or damage. In high and constant quality. Sample views and photographic hints make the creation of high-quality remarketing material easier than ever.

Digital Twinn® in the Twinner® Cloud

All roads lead to the Digital Twinn®

All data obtained with the app flow together with the Digital Twinn®: They are automatically transferred via interface to the Twinner® cloud. Here, all vehicle data can be analyzed and evaluated centrally and exported to your own systems or the relevant sales exchanges.

Advantages for inspection and assessment

  • Individually configurable checklists standardize vehicle evaluation
  • Inspection point catalog with over 40,000 damage combinations
  • Documentation of damages and defects with photos and marking tools
  • Consolidation of all information in one record
  • Seamless further processing in internal and external systems

Advantages for sales and remarketing

  • Professional-level vehicle photography thanks to sample views and instructions
  • Consistent vehicle images in high quality
  • No photo equipment, no photographer and no image editing necessary
  • Specify perspectives, motifs, number of images, image sequence and image names individually
  • Automatic data transfer to the Twinner® Cloud and export to third party providers
Discover the possibilities of vehicle digitization with Twinner®