Vehicle inspection with Twinner®

The new way to inspect vehicles Faster and more accurate than the human eye

Speed and precision

Our scanner produces high quality 360° images, identifying marks, damages and delivers all data so you can concentrate on the actual work: Assessing, inspecting. and evaluating vehicles.

Fast and efficient vehicle inspection in the Twinner® Cloud

Better quality and service

  • Inspection decoupled from space and time
  • Faster, more complete and, if desired, also instructed vehicle inspection
  • Data-based assessment of vehicle condition and damage
  • Maximum process and cost efficiency
  • Marketable image material on top
Digital vehicle inspection with Twinner®

Comprehensive digital inspections

  • Cameras and sensors find scratches, dents, repaints, practically no blind spots
  • Reliable and standardized measurements
  • Automatic documentation
  • Diverse display and marking options
  • Direct connection and data transfer to external systems

Twinner® Space

Multidimensional surface analysis Beta

Makes even the smallest changes visible

Twinner® Space

High resolution cameras

Optimal view from outside, inside and below

Twinner® Space

Repaint Sensor Beta

Find repainting reliably

Twinner® Space

Fully calibrated measurement environment

Precise measurement results that can be used for further work

Twinner® Cloud

Marking of damages Soon

Display vehicle damages automatically

Twinner® Cloud

360° degree widget

More than eyes can see

Twinner® Cloud

Automatic damage report

Damages clearly summarized

Twinner® Cloud

Complete FIN based vehicle data set

The entire vehicle history at a glance

Discover the possibilities of digital vehicle inspection with Twinner®