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5 December 2022

Twinner and carsale24 partner to introduce transparent used car transactions in Germany

Twinner, a leader in car digitization technology, and carsale24, Germany’s leading online car auction platform, announced today the successful integration of their services offering a truly digital process for car sellers. The two providers believe that digital technologies will make the used car ecosystem more transparent and reliable leading to fair pricing and less frustration for sellers and buyers alike.

8 June 2022

TWINNER buys Hungarian hardware manufacturer SHI Scalable Kft.

Leading car scanner technology provider, TWINNER GmbH, today announced the completion of the acquisition of Hungarian hardware manufacturer, SHI Scalable Kft. Twinner Group now consists of the business units Twinner Labs, Twinner Manufacturing and Twinner Markets.

Twinner Group will continue to offer its proprietary car digitization and e-commerce solution to the international automotive industry. With the acquisition, Twinner Group is securing an essential supply chain advantage in times of global shortages.

1 December 2021

Renault Group partners with TWINNER for its industrial and advanced Digital Twinn® Solution

  • Automated Digital Twinns® is now an integral part of Renault Group’s Refactory best-in-class technology concept  
  • Up to 45,000 vehicles will be scanned each year at new facility in Flins-sur-Seine
  • TWINNERs industrial solution for producing ultra-high fidelity Digital Twinns® convinces Renault and reduces turnaround time of used cars
  • eCommerce for used cars saves logistical efforts and lowers CO2 footprint
  • Next step in the internationalization strategy of TWINNER Group

12 October 2021

TWINNER puts American dealers on equal footing with e-commerce giants

TWINNER Group, a startup working with the major European car companies and a number of dealer groups, is putting American dealers on equal footing with e-commerce giants, without those dealers having to make big investments or purchase expensive machinery. Plans for US were announced at the Digital Dealer Show in Las Vegas.

15 September 2021

Better than X-ray vision: Precise vehicle valuation thanks to the surface analysis technology of Twinner®

  • State-of-the-art sensor technology for seamless vehicle valuation
  • Introduction of multi-spectral surface analysis to recognize repainting, replaced parts and scratches
  • Pilot project with around 2,000 vehicles shows 13% additional repaints in comparison to manual inspection
  • Established industry players trust TWINNER and invest 40 million Euro

30 June 2021

TWINNER successfully concludes series B funding round

  • Additional investors trust innovative concept for online marketing of passenger cars based on digital twins (Digital Twinn®)
  • More than € 40 million invested in technology and company growth
  • Focus on growth with industrial customers in the automotive trade

04 March 2021

The Honesty City Index: Car dealerships & more

Going beyond individual honesty, study compiles data on the reputation of car dealerships, government transparency, theft and more to determine honesty in 75 prominent cities around the world. Read the full study here

  • Tokyo, Amsterdam and Los Angeles ranked the highest for car dealership reviews, meaning dealers in those cities received the fewest negative reviews about purchasing new and second-hand cars.
  • Zurich, Tokyo, and Adelaide top the index as the most honest cities in the study.
  • Zurich, Tokyo and Phoenix have the highest individual civic honesty scores from experiments which showed that residents were most likely to return a found wallet filled with money.

09 December 2020

Supercar Blondie takes Twinner® technology for a spin in a McLaren Senna GTR

  • Most-watched influencer in the world, Alex Hirschi (AKA Supercar Blondie), tests out one of only 75 McLaren Senna GTRs in the world using TWINNER’s world-leading digital scanning technology
  • With the Covid19 pandemic accelerating the push towards online car sales, TWINNER’s digital vehicle imaging offers complete transparency for car buyers
  • The Video with Supercar Blondie is now available on Youtube

15 April 2019

Vehicle digitization specialist TWINNER receives double-digit millions amount for global market expansion

  • IBG Risikokapitalfonds III, managed by bmp Ventures AG, and other angel investors are investing a double-digit million amount in Twinner®, the leading platform for vehicle digitization.

17 December 2018

World novelty Twinner® sets new standards in the German automotive trade

  • Start-up from Leipzig and Halle offers the car scanner of the future already today
  • Digital image (Digital Twinn®) of vehicles creates complete transparency, security and trust
  • The customer sees more on a Digital Twinn® than when standing in front of the physical car in person.
  • Win-win situation for all parties involved: Car dealers have less effort, shorter downtimes and therefore better yields

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