Vehicle inspection with Twinner®

Automotive service provider Improve processes, minimize risks and prepare for the digital future

Setting standards

Transport, store, prepare, inspect and repair vehicles: The tasks of service providers for the automotive industry are diverse – and associated with different challenges. If you want to survive, you have to adapt to new requirements and offer more than others. With Twinner® you can make the leap to the top.

Check vehicles quickly and entirely

We are aware of the problems with vehicle takeovers. Little time, overlooked damages and the question of who takes responsibility. With Twinner®, the vehicle entrance inspection is fast, complete and fully documented. A benefit for you and your customers.

Inspect anytime and anywhere

Twinned and after a few minutes available on the computer, whole fleets can be inspected whenever and whereever you want. And much more objectively. Because on our Digital Twinn® you see more than you ever could standing on front of a vehicle.

Sell vehicles faster with Twinner®.

And boom – sold

During the twinning, our cameras and sensors take highly professional pictures of the vehicle. This enables us to make a virtual 360° tour around and through the car. This remarketing material can be used immediately for sales – in our own as well as in external systems.

Our partners

Hapitec and Twinner

Together with Hapitec, we are optimizing their digitalization process, in order to achieve a higher turnover. Have a look at how our technology supports their business goals!

Discover the possibilities of vehicle digitization with Twinner®