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9. December 2021

How TWINNER enables the professional remarketing of young used cars with Renault Group

The Renault factory in Flins-sur-Seine, France, has been going through a transformation. In order to adapt to the growing demand for high quality young used cars, the “Refactory project” is paving the way towards a digital and sustainable future. Instead of producing new vehicles, it is being converted into a mobility hub embodying a full circular economy concept, where used cars are refurbished and prepared for remarketing. TWINNER is proud to have been selected as a technology partner, to enable the best possible vehicle digitalization at an industrial scale.

30. September 2021

The Twinner® Surface Analysis Feature: Have a look at the secret past life of a car

Typically, 2-5% of leasing car returns will showcase signs of possible repaint work done on the vehicle. If the lessor can’t prove that the repaint was not carried out in the factory, the conditions are set for a disagreement and potential conflict with the lessee. Many OEMs and their respective leasing firms face this problem. The TWINNER R&D team worked hard to find a solution to this problem, which led to the launch of the Twinner® Surface Analysis Feature.