The future of car scanning When trust meets verification

Twinner® scans vehicles and creates an identical data record. This Digital Twinn® allows cars to be inspected, bought, and sold online anytime and anywhere.

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Get the full picture

High-resolution images offer a virtual 360-degree tour around and through the vehicle. Modifications and damage are automatically made visible. All vehicle data can be viewed in parallel.

Access from anywhere

Whether you’re on the couch or on the go, the Digital Twinn® of a vehicle is available online and can be checked anytime and anywhere.

Save time, increase accuracy

A Digital Twinn® is created in less than 5 minutes. The handling is simple and intuitive. We comply with European and Chinese standards and data protection regulations.

A revolution for the auto industry

We’re giving peace of mind to everyone along the automotive value chain so they can focus on what they do best. Anyone who manufactures, transports, sells, and inspects vehicles can use Twinner® to digitalise processes and make them more efficient.

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Modernizing the industry, one scan at a time

The principle of an online version of a physical object is not new. Google Maps navigates us with a digital image of the world, and online shopping is based on accurate online specs. It’s time we bring this level of information accuracy and access to the automotive industry.

Every second European would buy a car online if a trustworthy, digital representation of the car could replace an on-site inspection. Twinner® offers a solution for anyone who wants to handle car commerce online.

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